stooped chest deformation

Updated: Apr 15

Heather commented 'Thanks John, amazing change' after receiving the new information sheet 'Kyphosis case study’.

From JW

What is important for Educators working with childhood asthma is to also consider Buteyko's results with 104 asthmatic children* of which 102 of them suffered from 'Stooped chest deformation'. Of these, in 83 of them the deformation disappeared and in19 of them it decreased after his treatment.

The following related excerpt comes from section 4. Discussion in the recently published Randomised Control Trial** taught by Jocelyn and John at the Filderklinik in Stuttgart - 'Young patients have a briefer history of asthma than most adults, thereby increasing the likelihood of reversing disease-related functional and structural changes in the respiratory system'.

(In the Drive General folder see the items * ‘Buteyko’s book results of treatment for 104 children’ and ** ‘Childhood asthma RCPS’)

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