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Improved breathing exercise

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Jul 18, 2021

Dear Kavitha

For exercise number 15, I have been using, and recommending, one nostril breathing, in and out 30-50 steps (half a minute) before changing to the other nostril and then using it for about the same time before changing back. This works OK. However I now find that the way you suggested gives a better result i.e. breath in through one nostril and then out through the other one, in through that same one, and then out through the original one, and so on. The timing I find best (at rest) is 1 sec (2 steps) in, 1 sec (2 steps) hold full, 2 sec (4 steps) out for each breath. I hadn't realized it before but this gives longer time intervals for NO absorption (and healing) into the airway tissues. Thank you so much. John ps If you would like to comment further from your experience and knowledge on this point I could put our mails up on the Forum for others to see, which would be great.

Kavitha Muthusami Jul 18, 2021, 8:11 PM (2 days ago)Hi John! Thanks so much for sharing. I have always done it this way, so good to hear the science behind it. Thank you

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